Industry Compliance HRM Solution

Simplified HRM, the complete industry HRMS solution

Why choose Simplified HRM for your organization?

BDCOM Simplified HRM solution optimizes HR processes for large industries while maintaining compliance with laws and regulations. It increases productivity, improves HR functions, and reduces errors.

Onboarding to Recruitment

Customizable profiles and document archiving for onboarding.

Training to Promotion

Various HRM modules and tools simplify employee training and promotion.

Report Generation

With real-time insights and customizable analytics, optimizes human resources.

About Simplified HRM Software

Simplified HR Solution for Bangladeshi Industries

BDCOM’s HRM Software streamlines the HR process for organizations of different sizes, meets standards, and provides PIMS, payroll, attendance, and leave administration which helps to increase productivity.

Employee Driven:

Streamlines employee onboarding process.

Value Driven:

Government labor laws and policy compliant HRM solution.

Technology Driven:

An advanced tool for fast information access.

Personal Information Management System (PIMS)

Utilize Simplified HRM’s PIMS to effectively manage employee data, guaranteeing accuracy and compliance while easing HR responsibilities.

Payroll Management

Bangladesh labor law compiled HRM solution to save time and effortlessly manage payroll to increase productivity.

Leave Management

Effective Leave Management for Efficient Employee Leave Handling and Accurate Reporting.

Skill Matrix

A skill matrix helps to track employee competencies, recognize gaps, and plan career advancement.

Other features of Simplified HRM

You can simplify your businesses' Human Recourse process, assure compliance, raise productivity, and encourages growth

Separation Management:

Ideal solution for businesses as it streamlines the HR processes and assures compliance.

Attendance Management:

It generates reports of employee attendance patterns and trends.

Vehicle Pool Management:

Efficient fleet management with can track, schedule maintenance, and create reports.

Overtime Management:

Simplified HRMS in Bangladesh helps to optimize overtime management and automate calculations.

Layoff Management:

It helps with layoff management provides payment calculation, compliance.

Shift Management:

It streamlines shift management, lowers errors, and increase productivity.


Simplified HRMS offers customizable reports for valuable HR insights, optimizing processes and providing detailed analysis.

Here are some examples of the types of reports available:

  • Attendance reports: Monitor employee attendance, absence, and punctuality.
  • Payroll reports: Generate detailed payroll information such as salaries, deductions, and taxes.

Businesses can leverage these reporting features to make informed decisions, improve HR processes, and optimize business performance.

Custom Configuration

BDCOM Online ltd.’s HRM solution supports custom configuration, allowing businesses to tailor to your specific requirements. This feature allows you to change workflows, add custom fields, and configure user access.

Here are some benefits of custom configuration:

  • Flexible workflows: Customize workflows to match specific business processes, improving efficiency and reducing errors.
  • Custom fields: Add custom fields to capture unique data points relevant to the business, ensuring data accuracy and completeness.

Bulk Data Upload

Bulk Data Upload is a feature that ensures uses to upload sizable amounts of data into the system. Bulk Data Upload feature also helps to create:

  • Customizable templates: Users can download customizable data templates to ensure data is formatted correctly before uploading it to the system.
  • Flexible data formats: Simplified HRMS supports multiple data formats, including CSV and Excel, making it easy to upload data from various sources.
  • Time-saving: Bulk Data Upload saves time by allowing users to upload large volumes of data at once, instead of having to enter it manually.

User Access Control (Administrator)

Simplified HRMS provides robust user access control, allowing administrators to manage access to sensitive data and system functionality. User Access also allows:

  • Role-based access control: Assign roles to users and control their access to specific modules and functionalities based on their job responsibilities.
  • Access logs: Track user activity with access logs, providing a record of who accessed what data and when.

The user access control feature allows administrators to control who is allowed to use the system and safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access.


  • Can Simplified HRMS ensure compliance with labor laws?

    Simplified HRMS is designed to meet compliance requirements of labor laws and standards, ensuring businesses operate within regulatory frameworks.

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